Insurance Broking


We serve as intermediaries between you and insurance companies.
We work on behalf of the client, not the insurer. For example, if you start a small business, you might use a broker to get business insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, and employee benefits plans.
It’s our job to research the market and find policies that fit your needs, present the findings to you, and help you choose the best coverage.

Risk Management

It is imperative that accurate risk information is sourced and provided to the insurers. There is a risk to the client, when only limited risk information assessed and is provided to the insurer. Insurers will not only adopt a more cautious approach to their offering of premiums and terms of cover but may also be able to exercise a legal right to decline subsequent claims due to non-disclosure of material facts.

With help of Certified Insurance professionals, we work with our clients to understand their risks, and to discuss how to use insurance to protect their assets and businesses. We offer general and expert advice on the management and reduction of risk, and on the range of insurance products that are available.

Save on Insurance Rates


We work with several insurance partners in order to find the best deal on insurance coverage that’s right for you. We will assess your personal needs and make impartial recommendations that serve your interests – not the interests of the insurance providers. Additionally, since we have relationships with several insurance partners, we can negotiate competitive group rates and add applicable discounts.

Claims Services
Receive Faster Claims Payouts


In the event of a claim or a loss, we will help you through the process. We will be there to answer any questions that come up and, more importantly, to serve as your advocate in ensuring that the payout you receive is fair and delivered to you promptly.

After suffering or experiencing property, financial, or personal injury the most difficult and frustrating task could be making a claim.
With VIB you need not worry about your claims anymore. We will provide you with professional advice and consult you on your options and take your claims in our own hands so you can focus on more important matters and tend to your business.

Have any claim? Call and ask, We’d love to support.

Get Advice
From an Experienced Professional


It is our job to provide you with personalised support so that we can advise you on the coverage options that are best suited to your particular needs.
Ewe works with a range of products and services from multiple insurance partners. This provides us with a larger knowledge base of product options and member experiences to draw from when advising you.